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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where to Find 2014 Cancer Statistics and Estimates

With cancer accounting for approximately 1 in 4 US deaths it is important to know a good resource for cancer-related statistics.  Luck for us, the 2014 Cancer Facts and Figures has just been released by the American Cancer Society.  This is an excellent resource on the distribution of cancer by age, sex, race, type, and geographic location in the United States.  It includes cancer specific information on new cases, deaths, signs and symptoms, risk factors, prevention, early detection, treatment, and survival.  This is a wonderful, up-to-date resource for getting cancer-related estimates on prevalence, incidence, mortality, and survival in the US as well as look at trends and statistics from years past.  In addition, the website includes a wealth of other resources including tables, slides, and figures that are handy visual aids for presentations.

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