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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Genetic Simulation Resources

I just came across a useful repository of genetic simulation resources I thought would make a good addition to Genome Toolbox.  The site, aptly called Genetic Simulation Resources (GSR), provides a detailed listing of over 80 useful software applications available for genetic simulations.  The NCI sponsored catalog aids in scanning through available simulation programs, comparing similar applications, and quickly identifying the most appropriate software application for a particular study.  In addition to providing a description and external link, literature citations are also listed for many of the simulation packages.  If you are the developer of a genetic simulation resource that is not listed in the GSR repository, you can submit a request to add it.  Overall, a great resource for simulating data for genetic studies that may help you avoid reinventing the wheel by programming a de novo simulation routine.  A good first place to check.

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