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Friday, May 10, 2013

How to Install Circos

A program I have wanted to learn how to use for a long time now is Circos.  The program plots visually appealing circular plots where each rung can represent a data track and data connections can be depicted with spokes.  To download, first find the most current version on their download site.  After downloading, unzip the file using tar xvfz circos-x.xx.tgz or the extract command.  If not already there, cd into the circos-x.xx directory and make sure the files are executable by typing chmod +x bin/circos.  You should then be able to cd into the bin directory and execute circos using the command ./circos.  You can also add the line export PATH=$PATH:/dirname/circos-0.63-4/bin to your .bashrc file (where dirname is the name of the directory where circos was extracted to) so that all you need to type is circos and the program is called.  Don't forget to source the .bashrc file.  Happy plotting!

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